Standard white

The classic standard design

These globes appearing in classic white during the daytime unveil their true colours only at night. Our globally patented filter system lets you chose from 24 colour tones in many different shades.




Filter system

Our colour filters are colour-fast and consist of shatter-proof Makrolon. They are available for all sizes and may be exchanged as desired. The size of the filter depends on the power or the size of the bulb.
The globally patented filter system offers a colour spectrum of 24 shades, while 250 additional shades are optionally available.

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Design options with colour filters

In the daytime

Without colour filter at night

With a yellow colour filter
at night

With a blue colour filter at night



  • Lights made of shatterproof PE material
  • Waterproof, sturdy an UV resistant
  • Withstands cold and heat from -40° to +80°C
  • Vast range of colors due to exchangeable color filters
  • Any Moonlight lamp can be transformed to an automatic light