Cleaning and care


Instructions for use:

Unplug power cable of flexible lights.
Do not clean in the sun!
Shake detergent well before use and protect it from frost!
The ideal handling temperature is between 4° and 24° C.

1. Preliminary cleaning
Clean lights initially using a sponge and plenty of water.
In case of strong soiling, use a high-pressure washer in addition.

2. Detergent
From a distance of approx. 18" (40 - 50 cm), spray a thin layer onto the globe from bottom to top, or spread it evenly using a sponge.

3. Exposure
Then leave it for 5 - 10 min.

4. Final step
Rinse off with clear water and a high-pressure washer also from bottom to top at a distance of 8" (20 cm), or rub it off using a lint-free cloth.
Our detergent with long-term sealing, our cleaning tissue and our sponge offer the best protection for your Moonlight products.
The detergent may enter the waste water without causing any harm. There is no environmental hazard.






Cleaning process